Get to know Clockwork Books Authors

Mandy Collins

Mandy Collins is a journalist, author and editor based in Johannesburg. She is the author of Partners for Possibility, the story about the organisation by the same name doing groundbreaking work in South African education, two children’s books (one of which was longlisted for the Baobab Prize in 2015), and Dinner time! fast, fuss-free, family-friendly food, a brilliant tool to take away the stress of feeding your family. Click to read more and see the books

Pamela Powers

Pamela’s journey to novelist started with an honours in drama studies from UKZN. It has taken her via Aids counselling, educational theatre, stand-up comedy, university teaching, TV directing and script-writing, to a masters in creative writing which she earned in 2006. Her first book, Ms Conception, began as part of her masters’ report and was published by Penguin in 2015. Click for more and see the books

Jo Hamilton

Talking Sense About Children and Parenting  

Jo Hamilton is an educational psychologist and qualified primary school teacher who has spent over twenty years working with children and their families. Her first book, The Ultimate Assertiveness Toolbox for Kids, was published by Clockwork Books in February 2017. Click to read more and see the books

Fiona Snyckers

I asked Fiona about the experience of being published …

Clockwork: What did you learn from blogging SPIRE?

Fiona: There were two key takeaways for me. Firstly, I discovered that people are much more generous than you would expect. If they like what you do, readers are incredibly kind about sharing your work and spreading the word. Secondly, I learnt to have patience with a slow-build. There were days when, chapter by chapter, putting up my work showed no traction. I had to believe in what I was doing and just keep doing it. Click to read more and see the books

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