February Special: SPIRE & Dinner time! Bundle




Author: Fiona Snyckers
Format: Softcover

A box of mutated and cryogenically frozen viruses is brought under heavy guard to SPIRE, a remote research station in Antarctica. Within days, people are dying of diseases that haven’t been seen since the middle ages.

Surgeon and virologist, Dr Caroline Burchell, struggles to contain the outbreak as a vicious polar storm descends on SPIRE. The weather prevents any help from getting through to the loneliest outpost on earth.

Soon Caroline discovers that the only thing worse than being alone in this desolate place, is not being alone.

This compulsive thriller with its compassionate and resourceful heroine will keep you turning pages late into the night. SPIRE is a sequel to Fiona Snyckers’ suspense novel Now Following You, which was long-listed for the Sunday Times Literary Award.


Dinner time!

Fast, fuss-free, family-friendly food

Author: Mandy Collins
Format: Softcover

28 days’ worth of easy, quick recipes, many of which come with variations, plus a host of extra recipes that can be thrown together from ingredients you have in your cupboard already. Includes hints and tips and shortcuts that will make life easy for even the most kitchen-phobic, grudging cook, and weekly shopping lists so you can be sure you have everything you need.

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