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The Top Two Inches

Author: Dr Garrath Rosslee & Mandy Collins
Format: Softcover

The best news about sports intelligence? You can learn it.

In The Top Two Inches, Dr Garrath Rosslee presents his theory of sports intelligence and how it can work for you.

This book pulls together all the scattered research into the field, adds findings from Dr Rosslee’s own research conducted during the course of his doctoral study in Consulting Psychology, and introduces a long overdue single theory that attempts to pin down exactly what it is that makes good athletes great.

Dr Rosslee has put these principles into practice with various teams and individual athletes, and the results show that his approach works.

So whether you play a sport at club level and want to move into the next league, or you’re a professional player who wants to compete internationally, this book is for you. It explains Dr Rosslee’s theory of The Top Two Inches, gives you pointers on how to put the ideas into practice, and aims to boost your performance, to take you to the next level.

Dinner time!

Fast, fuss-free, family-friendly food

Author: Mandy Collins
Format: Softcover

28 days’ worth of easy, quick recipes, many of which come with variations, plus a host of extra recipes that can be thrown together from ingredients you have in your cupboard already. Includes hints and tips and shortcuts that will make life easy for even the most kitchen-phobic, grudging cook, and weekly shopping lists so you can be sure you have everything you need.

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