Our October special featuring:

Speaking As I Want by Salim & Mishka Latib

The outcome of conversations between a father (lecturer) and a daughter (student) on life and living in a period of intellectual uncertainty within and outside of universities. It seeks to provoke wider reflections on the way we live and the narratives that currently influence us. The collection of short essays has, at their centre, a call for more open dialogue and a demand for less economic and political aggregation. It is an appreciation of the agency of individuals and a celebration of what is possible if we demand the right to live freely and responsibly. The words and illustrations step beyond the dominating narratives arising from the sensationalism of the ‘left’ and the pompostious ranting of the ‘right’, serving to provide hope to those seeking an alternative to a franchise-occupied economy.


Comrades and Memsahibs by Ameen Akhalwaya

A collection of some of Ameen Akhalwaya’s finest essays and columns spanning more than two decades at the end of the twentieth century, encompassing the late apartheid years and the early ‘new South Africa’ era. Short, easy-to-read insights into the reality of a South African of Indian descent living under apartheid, razor-sharp political analysis before and after ’94, social commentary, opinion pieces, and cricket – Ameen’s passion – written evocatively and with a wry sense of humour by this well-respected journalist and Nieman Fellow.

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