Jo Hamilton

Talking Sense About Children and Parenting  

Jo Hamilton is an educational psychologist and qualified primary school teacher who has spent over twenty years working with children and their families. Her first book, The Ultimate Assertiveness Toolbox for Kids, was published by Clockwork Books in February 2017.

I asked Jo about publishing her first book …

Clockwork: What have been the most exciting and the most daunting parts of publishing your first book?

Jo: The most exciting part has been ‘talking’ to my imaginary readers. The words have just flown and I have enjoyed the creativity and challenge of thinking of child-friendly, attainable ways to share what I know and think. The daunting part has been, at times, breaking down and verbalising what is in my head. When thinking about children, there are so many facets and aspects that need to be considered and included. We are all unique, with different challenges and abilities, and I try to be mindful of the rich tapestry of our differences as I write.

Clockwork: Tell us one thing you’ve learned that you wish you had known from the outset.

Jo: I never realised what a lengthy and detailed process it is to publish a book. At times it has felt so long, from my first draft to holding my book in my hands. I have learnt to appreciate all the little details of a book and the enormous thought and effort that goes into making a book look and read ‘just right’. I am so grateful for having an excellent publisher guide me along the way.

Clockwork: What’s next for Jo?

Jo: I am in the process of writing something new, in a different format, that I think will be really helpful and fun for many young girls. It’s a series of magazines called A Girl’s Ultimate Friendship Guide for girls aged 7-12 years. These magazines will have all the information, skills and fun activities necessary to help girls make friends, keep friends, handle conflict situations and group dynamics.


Books in Store

The Ultimate Assertiveness Toolbox for Kids

20 tools to help children cope when faced with meanness or bullying, 20 proven strategies to teach assertiveness to even the most reticent child. Written by a school psychologist with teaching experience, The Ultimate Assertiveness Toolbox for Kids will be valuable to parents and teachers too.

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