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Just around the corner…Things Unseen book launch!

I can’t believe the time has come to reveal Things Unseen to you all!  It has been a wonderful, exciting (and at times stressful) journey. I hope you will enjoy reading Pamela’s new novel as much as I enjoyed publishing it.  It has truly been an honour working with such a dynamic and talented author.

Things Unseen officially launches on Monday, 31 October.  Print copies can be ordered directly from the Clockwork Books website, and an e-book version will be made available in November for all the digital book lovers.


Clockwork Books Recommends

by Joanne Macgregor

Life leaves you scarred. Love can make you beautiful.
Sixteen-year-old Sloane Munster had the perfect life, until she didn’t. Beautiful, popular and the best swimmer on the school team, she dreamed of one day qualifying for the Olympics. And things were looking good with Luke – the hottest swimmer on the competitive circuit. But everything changed when a horrific accident left her badly scarred and emotionally traumatized.
Sarah says: Sloane is such a kickass heroine! Scarred is a great YA read, full of the good stuff – angst and misunderstandings and the deeply satisfying chemistry between Sloane and Luke – but also poses meaningful questions about our emotional scars and healing and forgiveness. Engaging characters, snappy dialogue and a plot that won’t let you go will have you reading long past your bedtime.


3 tips for an enticing synopsis

 Publishers mostly prefer to receive just a few sample chapters of your book together with a synopsis. The synopsis is a key part of enticing a publisher to ask you for your full manuscript. Getting your synopsis right is very important.

Here are my tips for a great synopsis:

  1. Don’t mistake a synopsis for a blurb! Both the synopsis and the blurb have the same purpose: to make the person reading it want to read more. But, while the blurb shouldn’t contain any spoilers, the synopsis must include the full plot. As a publisher, I want to know how it all ends before I read the manuscript.
  2. Although the synopsis must contain all the important points of your book’s plot, don’t get hung up on listing ALL the events. That will make the synopsis drag and confuse me. Remember, the synopsis should ideally be just one page long.
  3. Don’t be dry! Try to match the tone and feel of the synopsis to the tone and feel of your book. This is also an opportunity to show off your writing skills. Take advantage of it!

Good luck!



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