Comrades and Memsahibs


Author: Ameen Akhalwaya
Format: Softcover

“The best way to understand history is not through anaesthetised history books that pretend to be objective but through the prism of the participants in the events. Ameen's columns, news reports, and general analysis provide us with a fascinating perspective on our society from the 1970s to the recent 90s.

“If you lived through the Ameen era, you will be excited to see your world come alive again. You will visit old friends and old enemies, you will be with Steve Biko and others at the birth of Black Consciousness in South Africa.

“You will see some of the dilemmas that confronted Ameen as well as the way he and his generation grappled with them.”

  • Joe Thloloe, Ombudsman: South African Press Council
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