Title: Fletcher
David Horscroft
Format: Softcover

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Please take note:

This book contains strong language and graphic violence. Mature audiences only.


“I once watched K Fletcher devour a hostage, just to outlast a police siege. She—the hostage—lived through it all, right until K started on her lungs. Several officers resigned that day. Two killed themselves within the week.

Ruthless, destructively impulsive, infuriatingly resourceful, manipulative to the extreme and insanely dangerous when bored, K Fletcher is not what I would call ‘human’. Rather, it’s a murderous force of nature, lurking behind the person-mask of an alcoholic, drug-infused private detective. With the world falling apart at the seams, I guess that’s exactly what you need to be to survive.”

– Secret Service briefing, speaker classified.


This charming killer is nearly indestructible, and goes where even demons would hesitate to tread – a blood-drenched, death-defying thriller.” – Nerine Dorman



Author: David Horscroft

Publisher: Clockwork Books

Format: Softcover