Grammar punctuation and all that jazz…


Author: John Linnegar & Ken McGillivray
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780994712974

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Do you not know your nouns from your pronouns, adverbs from adjectives? Are you prone to ‘falling into a comma’ over semicolons? Feeling grammatically challenged? If so, then this book’s for you!

The aim of this book is to demystify English grammar so as to help you not only to avoid or detect errors (by more than just ‘gut feeling’) but also to correct them with confidence, backed by the authority of sound rules and principles. In doing so, the book reflects, as far as possible, current usage.

Taking you logically through the ‘building blocks’ of sentences (the content and structural words) and punctuation marks, the authors explain and illustrate how they are all interconnected and function in ways that best convey an author’s meaning clearly and correctly. They present each section in a way that will help you to make grammar less of a mystery or a guessing game and enable you to back up your decisions.

The book’s 41 sections and more than 80 exercises (with solutions) will prove especially instructive to both second-language (L2) and foreign-language users of English. It will also help mother-tongue (L1) speakers who were perhaps never taught grammar formally or who need to brush up their grammar rules and conventions, having become a bit ‘rusty’ over the years.

grammar, punctuation and all that jazz… the ‘go to’ reference for writers and editors.

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Author: John Linnegar & Ken McGillivray

Publisher: Clockwork Books

Format: Soft Cover

ISBN: 9780994712974