Idea War 2


Title: Idea War 2
Abi Godsell
Format: Softcover

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“Today I live in a country that doesn’t exist. Three years ago I was South African. That was before the Global Oil Crisis (When North America and East Asia declared war over fuel). Now I am a citizen of the Sovereign State of Greater Johannesburg, and a freedom fighter and one of five people, four people now, who know that the Chinese Custodial Authority is planning to betray its promises and drag us into the war. Knowledge like that is dangerous, and doing something about it even more so. I’m writing this so that someday, if there’s any world left outside the Civilian Wall that encloses my city, someone will know what really happened.”

This is the second instalment in a work of socio-political science-fiction set on the streets of a Johannesburg where the future is now, the rules have changed and nothing is quite as it seems.


Author: Abi Godsell


Format: Soft Cover