Landscapes of Courage


Author: Ruth Everson
Format: Softcover

These poems span much of my life. Each one is part of the landscape of my heart. Some carry the inevitable scars left by the loss of love and loved ones. Some are a celebration. Some are a call to live a deeper life. Others mark the beautiful external landscapes that have been part of my journey.

What each poem has in common is courage: the courage to look at the world through the sharp lens of the poet’s eye; the courage to write the barbed-wire lines; to use tears as ink and the courage to dance with words.

I hope, as you journey through these pages, that you will find at least one poem, or a line of a poem, that speaks to your own journey.

Come walk with me:
the paths of my
life are my poems,
these words are
my stepping stones,
my stumbling stones.

Journey with me
towards your

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