Red Air


Author: H Wende
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781776054923



Red Air, the new novel by Hamilton Wende:

When CIA operative Al Morris is kidnapped in Afghanistan, it sets off a dizzying chain of international terrorist intrigue. His son, Danny, is a foreign correspondent who has never respected his father’s choosing a career in spying.  However, he writes an article about the terrorist group which unwittingly betrays an Afghan warlord, Azmaray Shah, and leads to his son Turan’s capture.  Azmaray Shah insists that Danny come to negotiate for his father’s life and for the release of Turan. Stricken by guilt and the need to help his father, Danny joins a mission by US Marines to rescue Al. Danny finds himself caught in a vortex of combat across Afghanistan which forces him to confront his own courage and question the values he has carried with him all his life. This is a story of war, of fathers and sons, and the deepest need we all carry for hope and redemption across the generations.

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Hamilton Wende is based in Johannesburg and has over 30 years experience in journalism and the media. He has travelled extensively across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and America, filming for a number of international networks including BBC, CNN and Nat Geo. In his travels he has covered over 15 different wars in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Congo, Angola and Sudan. This has given him invaluable experience in writing novels and non-fiction books based often on real events.

Author: H Wende

Publisher: Clockwork Books

Format: Soft Cover

ISBN: 9781776054923