Seaweed Sky


Author: Sarah Godsell
Format: Softcover

The debut poetry collection from Dr Sarah Godsell with foreword by Makhosazana Xaba

‘These poems kept me smiling from my depths. Sarah captured life and rounded it up as the circle it is. Portrayed scenes of death that could presumably be turned into moments of gloom and doom formed a perfect and beautiful dance of life. They are filled with hope and looking through pure child-like eyes, you can’t help but feel fires of wanting to stay alive and try again; spark, creating a wild fire – making one want to dance and walk barefoot on the cold wet morning dew. They are filled with love and praise for all of nature and human kind. We are blessed to be able to take another walk through life and see it for what it truly is, even death has found its beauty and its rhythm. “WE ARE BUILDING”’

Gloria Bosman (Musician)



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