Speaking As I Want


Author: Salim & Mishka Latib
Format: Hardcover

Speaking as I Want is the outcome of conversations between a father (lecturer) and a daughter (student) on life and living in a period of intellectual uncertainty within and outside of universities. It seeks to provoke wider reflection on the way we live and the narratives that currently influence us. The collection of short essays has, at their centre, a call for more open dialogue and a demand for less economic and political aggregation. It is an appreciation of the agency of individuals and a celebration of what is possible if we demand the right to live freely and responsibly. The words and illustrations step beyond the dominating narratives arising from the sensationalism of the ‘left’ and the pompostious ranting of the ‘right’, serving to provide hope to those seeking an alternative to a franchise-occupied economy.


Salim Latib is a lecturer at the School of Governance at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. In the past, he has worked in government, multilateral organisations and the private sector. He has travelled extensively in Africa and is an avid hiker. Salim currently lives in Johannesburg where he intends to complete his fourth postgraduate degree.


Mishka Latib is an Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of Cape Town. She is an aspiring artist and budding entrepreneur. She has travelled widely and has climbed a number of mountains. At present, Mishka resides in Cape Town where she intends to complete her undergraduate degree.

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