A Little Book of Tree Wisdom


Author: Fiona Budd
Format: Softcover | PDF | ePub
Trim size: A6
ISBN: 978-0-620-92044-5 | 978-0-620-92063-6 | 978-0-620-93162-5


A Little Book of Tree Wisdom, or What My Tree Told Me
is a sweet collection of messages from a tree delivered to Fiona Budd during lockdown, beautifully illustrated by Jay-Lee Shih.

“When the eyes and ears are open,
even the leaves on the trees teach
like pages from the scriptures.”
~ Kabir


Time to branch out…


Good morning I said to my tree
What news do you have for me?
‘Stand your ground’


About the author of
A Little Book of Tree Wisdom

Fiona Budd was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, grew up in South Africa, and trained at the Royal Ballet School in London, UK. She is a retired professional ballet dancer, and the former Managing Director and a Senior Soloist of the South African Ballet Theatre company, which she co-founded with five fellow-dancers in 2001. Fiona is passionate about ballet, the arts and philanthropy – her journey has taken her to the USA as Head of Ballet at a performing arts summer camp; Istanbul, Turkey, to speak on corporate philanthropy; she was one of ten volunteers chosen for the first year of the Vodacom Change the World Programme in South Africa; had her own ballet music radio programme on Classic fm 1027 (‘Ballet Bouquet’) and has choreographed multiple ballet works, accompanied by South Africa’s top orchestras, musicians and opera singers. She is currently a Trustee and the Manager of the St David’s Marist Foundation. Fiona will be donating a portion of the income from A Little Book of Tree Wisdom to One Tree Planted, so that one tree can be planted for every print or digital book sold.

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Author: Fiona Budd

Publisher: Clockwork Books

Format: Softcover | PDF | ePub

ISBN: 978-0-620-92044-5 | 978-0-620-92063-6 | 978-0-620-93162-5