About UkuThintana: Cover reveal & blurb of our new Zulu title

Heard about UkuThintana on social media & want to know more? This is the place! We are super excited about this title for so many reasons.
Cropped cover of UkuThintana

About UkuThintana: The cover

Heard about UkuThintana on social media and now you want to know more? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. We’re so excited about this title for so many reasons, so without any further ado, here it is! The cover of UkuThintana.

Our esteemed author had some very particular ideas about UkuThintana, how it should be published, how the cover should look. We like an author who knows what they want. They even gave us a mockup. Take a look:

Drawing of the idea for the cover of Ukuthintana

It needed to be… what was the word they used? ‘Rough’, I think. I remember laughing and saying, “You mean, not Disney,” and they agreed.

We spent a little time exploring covers in the genre. Not because we wanted to duplicate them, but because there are elements to genre covers that evoke subconscious responses in the viewer, especially if the viewer is a fan of the particular type of fiction. And because, even though this is speculative fiction published in isiZulu, we want it placed firmly and proudly in the oeuvre.

Anyway, it was fun to make this cover, and I’m pleased we seem to have hit the mark.

I’m putting the blurb below, with an English version for those of you who’d like it.

UkuThintana has a Facebook page, if you’d like to explore the universe more. And if you’d like to preorder your copy of the UkuThintana epub, you’ll find it here.

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Ezalelwa emHlabeni lapho kungekho ubumnandi, kungenamibala, kungavunyelwe umehluko, kuphathwa luHlelo noLimi lwalo olulodwa, uZilimi ubizelwe ukuthatha indlela ehlukile – indlela eya ekudingisweni nasempini yekusasa labantu bonke. Kodwa uZilimi akayedwa: amaPhimbo answempu ayamsiza kuzo zonke izinkimbinkimbi zendlela ayikhethile. 

UZilimi unamandla anele, aphinde ahlakaniphe ngokwanele, ukuze akhethe ikusasa lethu sonke?

Kanti yini okuxhumanisa izidalwa ezimangalisayo zesiGungu sabaNyukile, esihlangene endeni yomKhathikazi, nomntwana wasemHlabeni oneminyaka eyishumi nanye?




Born into a world without flavour or colour, in which difference is not tolerated and power is in the hands of the System and its single Language, Zilimi is called to take a different path – one that leads to banishment and a fight for the future of all humanity. But Zilimi is not alone: mysterious Voices help at every twist and turn of that chosen path.  

Is Zilimi strong and wise enough to choose a future for all of us? 

And what links the strange creatures of the Council of the Ascended, meeting at the heart of the Galaxy, to an eleven-year-old on Earth?

Once upon a (future) time…


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