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Zazi Books aims to bring the awe and wonder of books to a new generation of readers.

New Clockwork Books imprint Zazi Books specialises in relevant and entertaining fiction for tweens in indigenous languages to delight young readers and encourage a love of reading for pleasure.

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About Clockwork Books

Why "Clockwork" Books?

Books are magic: Portals, transporters, catalysts. But even magic has mechanics.

Since 2014, Clockwork Books has carefully designed and built the inner mechanics of our books to produce magic for our readers. 

Every book is a team effort. The Clockwork Books team brings enthusiasm and experience to partnerships with our authors to help them assemble the parts of their books with precision and attention to detail so that every Clockwork Books title comes alive for its audience.

Clockwork Books is committed to the highest production standards, and we are continuously refining our production methods to maximise quality and minimise costs so that readers get the best value and affordability.

Clockwork Books also offers a wide range of publishing services to select projects that excite us. Services include manuscript assessments, writing coaching, developmental editing, project management, typesetting, and cover design. Are you working on a book that fits our ethos? Get in touch!

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