Title: Contact South African speculative fiction
 CGM Mackenzie
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-990959-99-8

Born into a world without flavour or colour, in which difference is not tolerated and power is in the hands of the System and its single Language, Zilimi is called to take a different path – one that leads to banishment and a fight for the future of all humanity. But Zilimi is not alone: mysterious Voices help at every twist and turn of that chosen path.

Is Zilimi strong and wise enough to choose a future for all of us?

And what links the strange creatures of the Council of the Ascended, meeting at the heart of the Galaxy, to an eleven-year-old on Earth?

Once upon a (future) time…

CONTACT was originally written in isiZulu. Find UkuThintana here.

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