No Fire on the Moon


Author: Ruth Everson
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-6398260-0-4


Poetry is the bridge that crosses from one heart to another. It is the voice that you find when you least expect it, calling you to come back to yourself. A life can turn on a single line of poetry – I know mine has.

These poems are an invitation to journey into yourself and then into the world. They fall into two sections. The first is an interior enquiry, where you rediscover the path to Self. The second examines and questions some of the ways we encounter the world.

Wait for the silver bird

To nestle into your neck

Rubbing its head against your cheek,

Until your sould ignites

With skies and mountains,

Seas and restless rivers –

And a path – not visible

From the sitting place.

Ruth Everson works nationally and internationally as a poet, coach, facilitator and speaker. Ruth uses her poetry to help people from all walks of life find and embrace their purpose, and become a more adventurous version of themselves through her workshops, talks and writing.

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Author: Ruth Everson

Publisher: Clockwork Books

Format: Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-0-6398260-0-4